Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Israel and Disproportionate Response

Pharaoh's Army Engulfed By The Red Sea
Pharaoh's Army Engulfed By The Red Sea
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Here's a question for you liberals: if 5 thugs came in to rob your business and shot your manager and were ready to kill you, would you, if you had a pistol, shoot all 5 dead? Or would you instead, have a debate inside your head that goes like this:

  • Well, they only killed one so far, perhaps I should wait to see if in fact they don't kill me...
  • Damn, there's five of them, if I kill them all, someone may say it was a disproportionate response since only one of my team got killed and I killed 5. It doesn't seem fair...

  • Hmmm, it's possible that one of the five is someone's son who will miss him and cry if I kill him...

  • Violence never solves anything, I should just let them rob me and hope for the best...

  • Perhaps I can reason with them, after all, they're human beings just like me...

There are bigoted idiots in the blogosphere who think that Israel killing hundreds of Palestinians when only 15 Israelis died is morally wrong. Read the rest here. .

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

UK Honor Killings

Muslim wife among the trash

Whenever I make fun of Muslim violence and Islamic bombings, some Muslim always responds with some excuse that they happen to live peaceful lives, that they don't blow up buses filled with schoolchildren, nor are they stoned or killed for not wearing the hijab. Usually these peaceful, liberated Muslims live in Western countries and think that because they haven't yet been killed for taking on western ways that Muslim life must truly be just as they are living it.

For example, reader Saara, a Muslim female, commenting on my post Muslim Humor - Muslim Jokes left this comment:

OMG whats goin on here?? Im 15 years old and im more mature than all of you !! God Sake forget all the rascim and grow up ! i know there are so many muslims out there bombing people and i totally disagree with that but you have got to remember its not all muslims !! Im a muslim and i would never think to bomb people. And in my family women are equal to men, we have jobs we go out we have a life , we don`t be locked inside our houses and we are not forced to cover ourselves up. Girls in my family that wear headscarves are treated the same as girls that don`t wear headscarves in our family so don`t get your final opinion that muslim women are opressed because thats only a minority. last of all stop swearing at each other it doesnt solve anything neway BYE =]

Read the rest here.

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