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Scientific Renaissance in Muslim Countries

Scientific Renaissance in Muslim Countries

Scientific Renaissance in Muslim Countries

Photo Credit: islam.ru

Islam is the religion of excuses. When asked to explain Muslim Honor killings, they tell us that other cultures also kill their women if the family is dishonored. When asked why Muslims practice Female genital mutilation, they respond that non-Muslims also engage in the practice. Muslim Antisemitism? Hey, Europe did it first. Slavery? But white Christians also owned slaves in America.

Every violent, savage, primitive, barbaric, misogynistic, and hateful verse in the Quran is explained away by telling us that we don't understand the context or the language, the culture was different, and anyway infidels cannot understand the true meaning of the Quran, although Muslims are always quick to tell us to read it so we can understand true Islam.

Every Islamic failing is blamed on past infidel outrages against Muslims, the Crusades, the Inquisition, colonialism, etc. But Jews also died in the Crusades, the Inquisition, under colonialism, yet they overcame those obstacles and succeeded.

And so we find Muslims making excuses of why the faithful of Islam, with more than one and a half billion souls, failed to produce more than four Nobel Laureates, not counting the Peace Prize while Jews, with almost a hundred times fewer population have earned more than 178.

In my article Why Jews Win So Many Nobel Prizes, I explained why this is so:

Of course, reading secular books by itself will not make one a Nobel Laureate. The point is that the Torah was not the only book in the world for Jews. The tolerance for all ideas, the freedom to argue and question, the value placed on living in this world rather than on accumulating points in the next, these are some of things that have helped Jews excel in many fields other than the study of the Torah.

But in visiting various Muslim forums and websites I found the following excuses why Jews win so many Nobel Prizes and Muslims do not:

"My guess would be that there are far more Jews on the Nobel selection board than there are Muslims. Either that or Muslims do not get selected to be reviewed much, probably because they are too busy trying to defend their families from the largest military ever conceived bashing in their door."

As for more Jews on the Nobel selection board, there are none as Sweden has one of the highest rate of antisemitic incidents in Europe. The truth is, there would be even more Jewish Nobel Laureates if the Swedes were not such bold Jew-haters. In this PDF we read an essay by Jan C. Biro of the Karolingska Insitute, Sweden, that Jews are over-represented because they market themselves better and the Nobel Committee should stop giving them so many awards.

As for Muslims being too busy because of worries over the largest military ever conceived bashing in their door, we recall that Jews, fleeing Nazi persecution, one of the largest military ever conceived, managed to rack up dozens of Nobel Prizes, so Muslim excuses fail there.

"... maybe it's that the jews just steal ideas and take all the credit..."

Yeah, like Jews got away with that 178 times and no other scientist ever had the time to complain, "Wait a minute, I came up with that idea!"

Read more at Planck's Constant here.

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