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Star Tribune's Coleman: on the "wrong" side of the fence

By Todd Anthony

I came across this article in the Minneapolis Star and Sickle, er, STAR TRIBUNE, yesterday from resident liberal columnist Nick Coleman.

Ultimately, Coleman chides Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman (no relation) for his unabashed, unwavering support of the President regarding the Iraq War. Sadly, Coleman’s commentary resonates with the Left, for they love to call Iraq, Bush’s “Vietnam.”

“The Iraq quagmire has gone from bad to worse, but Norm is still wearing a Kool-Aid mustache.”

Coleman accuses the Senator of drinking Kool-Aid. But this begs the following question: who’s really drinking the Kool-Aid? I would contend that the Democrats are greedily lapping the Kool-Aid like dogs on a hot day. For they are the group that has 1.) shamefully attempted to pacify militant Islam; has the appeasement movement NOT learned from countless past conflicts that anything short of an unwavering, unified does not work? 2.) They have pandered to the fringe far-left groups who are so steadfast in their mutual hatred of the Bush administration that they are willing to destroy this country.

Depending on how you look at it, the Democrats’ collective ability to run away from a fight is either mind-boggling or appalling. Is anyone in this country unconvinced that the Democrats possess no spine, will, or fortitude when it comes to all issues, security-related?

“Democratic opponents like Al Franken have begun not-too-subtle campaigns to saddle Norm with the increasingly unpopular war. Despite the naked politics of that effort, Coleman's refusal to turn against the war -- as some of his Republican colleagues have done -- makes him ripe.”

Coleman’s above statement is depressing in that not only does he chastise the Senator for his support and ability to stand by his decisions and belief, but he also portends that he is ripe for attack. Despite the cacophony of dissent in the Democrat party and the increasing number of Republicans opposing Iraq, Coleman shows that he is a man of conviction. Yet Columnist Coleman attacks the man for staying true in his convictions.

“(Senator) Coleman recently was quoted saying, ‘We are going to be in Iraq a long time.’ If he thinks that's true -- and he's not against it -- he must defend it.”

Therein lies the inherent problem on the Left; they do not have the stomach for a long, protracted, yet vital conflict with a massive group of religious extremists who hate us not (necessarily) for our support for Israel, or other perceived ills against Islam. No, their hatred stems from our freedoms: religion (to belief or not to belief), speech, and acceptance.

Coleman throws out a couple of seemingly witty one-liners in his commentary. But his depressing commentary cannot hide the fact that the Democrats are the party of appeasers, lacking any will to defend or protect this country.

Coleman’s sad observations signifu the lack of fortitude and conviction on the Left. When the going gets tough, where does the Left go?

To run and hide…

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