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The Face of the Enemy

Islam is not a religion as religions are understood to be by everyone except muslims.

Islam is a way of life. This sets it apart from true religions, which are sets of beliefs dealing with spirituality and morality but separate from government.

This is important to understand. Islam encompasses everything from politics to the law and courts of law to personal dealings and personal behavior and includes the way people are required to think, dress and act. There is no personal choice in Islam.

Punishments for minor infractions of the law can range from being lashed with a whip, having hands and feet cut off with a large knife, having the head hacked off to being slowly killed by stoning with small stones while buried to ones neck.

Islam requires that all people on the Earth must either be muslims, take a dhimmi status of 4th class citizens with no rights, or die. Leaving Islam for another faith is not allowed.

Muslims have been emigrating to despised Western nations all over Europe and the Americas. The majority of them simply are escaping the miserable conditions of their homelands, as Islam promotes poverty rather than prosperity among the populace, but they have no respect for the laws of their new hosts and do not integrate into the new societies. They are taught by their Koran to hate "infidels", that it is their duty to lie, deceive, cheat and rob them in the name of Islam. Muslims are forbidden to be friends with "infidels" but are required to pretend friendship.

This also is important: Muslims start out from birth in a society totally dominated by Islam and are taught that all other people, particularly Jews, are "infidels", non-believers and therefor are pigs undeserving of life. Islam is the only thing that they know and it rules every aspect of their life from morning until night, from birth until death. They are the most brainwashed, indoctrinated people on the planet and the most afraid of their own faith. Muslims live in fear which translates to hate for non-muslims. Islam rules by hate and terror. Every muslim is a potential terrorist.

"It is not murder to kill an infidel. It is the path to Paradise."

Nations that allow muslims to enter their countries are inviting their own deaths. The muslims will maintain a low posture until their numbers grow large enough to take over. Then they act to force Islam on the population and before long another country has become Islamic.

That mosque being built in your neighborhood, or the one already there, has only one purpose, which is to transform your neighborhood into an Islamic enclave. Neighborhood by neighborhood, city by city, state by state, this is the way the muslims plan to conquer America and all the world.

Do not allow muslims to live in your neighborhood. Don't allow them to have mosques there. Don't be nice to them or try to be their friends. Use their own strategies against them. Behave threateningly toward them, picket them, tell them to go back where they came from. Make them as uncomfortable and as unhappy as possible. Have them investigated and prosecuted wherever possible. Sue them in civil court for each and every trespass. Wear clothing depicting cartoon images of Mohammed. Accost them in the streets with microphones, video cameras and embarassing questions.

If their cars and homes and mosques should be repeatedly vandalized or destroyed, this would certainly be a shame, although some people may actually resort to this in defense of their lives and country. If they were to be assaulted on the streets the way they are now assaulting native Europeans, it would of course be against the law.

It's us or them.

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