Saturday, February 16, 2008

Possible Redemption

According to the Lebanese newspaper, A-Saphir, Hizbullah has positioned roughly 50,000 "fighters" along the Lebanese-Israeli border.

If Hassan Nasrallah has the gumption I don't believe he has then Ehud Olmert will get a shot at redemption. If Hizbollah is truly putting a show of force on the border they better be ready to back it up. Somewhere along the line an attack is going to be made whether ordered or not. This attack will force Ehud Olmert to make a decision. The wrong decision and he might as well pack his bags and move to Europe.

The Israelis are going to wait and see. If Olmert gives the green light, what kind of response does the Israeli Military follow with? Right now Israel is faced with the possibility of an all out invasion of Gaza and now, it appears, they may have to do more than just defend the northern border of Israel.

The wild card in Lebanon is the Lebanese governments response. Does it support Hizbollah or does Fuad Saniora help put the pinch on Hizbollah. The latter is the right decision. However Mr. Saniora hasn't shown the spine necessary to make the hard decisions. This is only a hard decision because it involves Israel and there are many Lebanes that don't like Israel. As I wrote in the previous Lebanese affair, Lebanon should stop looking at Israel as an enemy. If it were to ally itself with Israel that would guarantee some protection. Unfortunately Mr. Saniora appears to fear the islamists.

Back to Israel. Ehud Olmert may just get his chance at redemption. I pray that the Almighty has instilled a spine in this man. Then again Mr. Olmert would have to accept that gift. Seeing as he is a true politician, I don't see that he has learned anything. I hope I am wrong.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Another War In Lebanon Soon?

TEL AVIV -- Three years after the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri, Syria and its Hezbollah ally (its invasion army) appear determined to block the full implementation of UN Resolution 1701, which sought to stabilize the region by requiring the Lebanese army to guard their borders with Syria and Israel, and the abolishment of Syrias Hezbollah army in Lebanon.

By preventing the election of a new president, in succession to Emile Lahoud, whose term ended last Nov. 23, both Syria and Hezbollah have two clear objectives:

* Syria wants to prevent at all costs the appointment of the international court that is to try Hariri's assassins. All fingers point to Damascus as having masterminded the assassination.

* Hezbollah wants to make sure any future president and government would not try to disarm this pro-Iranian Shiite terrorist organization, as called for by Resolution 1701.

Because of these two uncompromising positions, all outside efforts to find a solution to the vacant presidency have failed.

Despite its skepticism, the U.S. had allowed France to mediate in this crisis. After many international conferences and great effort by France, the effort has failed. Syria promised to be "co-operative" but in reality blocked any compromise.

Then came an Arab effort. Following a unanimous decision by 22 Arab foreign ministers, including the Syrian minister, the Arab League presented a simple and clear cut proposal that met everyones approval except Syria which threw up many hurdles. Hezbollah and its Christian ally, Gen. Michel Aoun, wanted an agreement on the future government even before the election of the new president. They also wanted an agreement on the future army chief of staff in order to make sure he wouldn't try to disarm Hezbollah, as called for by Resolution 1701.

In other words, the Syrians don't want their murderous guilt proven before the world and they have no intention of ending their takeover attempt of Lebanon. They would rather see all of the Lebanese dead first.

With the French and Arab League failures, a frustrated Amr Moussa, last of the Arab League representatives to try, returned Saturday to Cairo, leaving to the rival Lebanese leaders the impossible task of finding a solution to their crisis. The result was as expected. Leaders from both camps engaged in reckless rhetoric, threatening each other with a renewed civil war.

The most furious rhetoric came from Democratic Gathering leader, Druze MP Waleed Jumblatt. He said Hezbollah's leader, Sheik Hassan Nassrallah, and his Christian ally, Gen. Michel Aoun, are "tools" in the hands of the "most despicable" people, meaning the Syrian regime.

Jumblatt accused his rivals of preparing for the return of Syria to Lebanon. "Whatever your potency and whatever mercenaries you use, we are not afraid," he said. "We will never kneel to Syria... If you want chaos, we welcome chaos... If you want war, we welcome war..."

This sharpened war of words came on the eve of the third anniversary of the assassination of Rafiq Hariri on Feb. 14. Prime Minister Fuad Siniora and leader of the pro-government coalition, Saad Hariri, are organizing a mass rally in only 2 days, on this coming Thursday in the Martyrs Square in Beirut, similar to the one-million rally that led to the withdrawal of the Syrian troops from Lebanon.

Hariri and his economic empire are organizing transportation to Beirut from all over the country. Hariri donated $52 million from his own pocket to finance various development and education projects in northern Lebanon, where Syrian influence is particularly strong. This man is pouring his own personal fortune into ridding Lebanon of the Syrian invaders.

The U.S., France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel are following with great concern this instability in Beirut. While the silent majority in Lebanon is still a majority, it is feared Hezbollah and its pro-Syrian allies would use violence to disrupt Thursday's rally, which could degenerate into an open civil war.

As for Israel, the major concern in Jerusalem is that the chaos in Lebanon will spill over its northern border. According to Resolution 1701, the border is monitored jointly by UNIFIL and by the Lebanese army.

Israel fears Hezbollah will use this instability to infiltrate back into Southern Lebanon. Israel is aware of such an eventuality and is preparing itself for such an unwelcome development.

Lebanon could erupt into civil war in only two more days. This is serious business as it literally means war between Lebanon and Syria. It may seem strange to us in the West, but Lebanons best ally is Israel. Lebanons loyalties are divided between groups loyal to Syria and those loyal to Lebanon, and the latter are allies of Israel. This is simply because they support a peaceful, not-aggressive Lebanon and this is exactly what Israel wants as well.

In the event of a Lebanese civil war, would Israel come to the aid of their allies? And if they did, would the Syrians attack them? Israel would retaliate, of course, which would infuriate Russian and Iran and we might have to come to the defense of Israel.

I'm sure you can see now where a civil war in Lebanon could lead. The next few days are crucial.

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dania Al-Ghalib: Saudi Women Are Always To Blame For Their Problems

MEMRI, The Middle East Media Research Center just recently reported on February 8th, 2008 that the Saudi English- language Arab News published an op-ed by Dania Al-Ghalib titled, "The Saudi Woman Is Always Guilty." This article was op-ed was published in December 2007 just two months ago.

According to the op-ed Al-Ghalib reasons that Saudi women were not wanted at birth, is guilty if she speaks and guilty if she remains silent. The article continues on to ones horror stating that it is a woman's fault for being raped. But I will stop here, because I have this article here for you to read in its entirety.

This op-ed is an eye opener to say the least and it most definitely depicts the brainwashing of Saudi women from birth that they are of little value and or consequence.

This lends credence to the fact that the degeneration of women in Saudi Arabia is still dictated by a 10th Century mantality and that the women in Saudi Arabia suffer on a daily basis at the hands of their male dominant counterparts. Sadly many of these women believe the following just as does its author. The following according to MEMRI is how the op-ed originally appeared.

Read and behold the sick mindset in the cities and towns, homes and madrassa's - in the land of Saudia:

"The Saudi Woman is Born Unwanted"

"The Saudi woman is guilty. She is guilty of being born in a male-dominated society. Her fault is that she grows up in a society that stigmatizes her sex as a sin. She is held accountable because society believes she is underage - even if she is in her 60s -and implements a guardianship system over her as if she were a second-class citizen. It is very common for a Saudi woman - a widow or a divorcee - to have her young son as her guardian, and she needs his written permission to carry out official paperwork. He is in control of her life and her destiny.

"The Saudi woman can be blamed for living in a male-dominated society that opposes many rights for women despite the fact that the Prophet (peace be upon him) - the best of all humans - consulted a woman and listened to her advice. The Saudi woman is guilty of living in a society that confuses tradition with Islamic obligations, and idolizes what it sees as the latter to the extent that when she wants to discuss or object, she is accused of rebellion. Her fault is that society considers her an item of her guardian's property. He can do anything he desires with her without asking her opinion or even listening to her.

"The Saudi woman is born unwanted. Everybody wants a male child rather than a female one.

"She is Guilty If She Remains Silent and Guilty If She talks"

"This innocent creature is forcibly taught what is prohibited and shameful before even knowing how to speak. She is guilty if she remains silent and guilty if she talks.

"She is guilty if she is divorced and guilty if she cleaves to her husband and children when someone tries unjustifiably to destroy her marriage. Her only refuge is prison, where she has the right to say no. She has lost all her rights and has fought for one that allows her to live only behind bars. Her sin is that she tried to protect her marriage and family. But traditions and customs challenged and destroyed her attempts.

"The Saudi Woman is Guilty for Being Raped"

"The Saudi woman is guilty for being raped, in darkness or in daylight, because her society wants her locked in, producing legal children and never leaving her house unless she is dead and of course accompanied by a guardian. She is guilty when brutal beasts tear her body and soul apart, threatening her with weapons and defamation because society believes she subjected herself to them and she deserves what happens to her.

"She is guilty because society prohibits her from driving and forces her to live at the mercy of a foreign driver. He might rape her one day or make money by allowing others to rape her, and then she will be the one who is blamed for having put herself in such position and went out with a driver without her legal guardian.

"The Saudi Woman is Guilty Because She is Part of her Guardian's Property"

"The Saudi woman is guilty because she is part of her guardian's property even when he is a criminal, serving time in jail and he marries her off to his colleague in prison who is awaiting execution. Society is aware of this and apparently sees no harm in such. In fact, the community blessed this marriage and arranged for them to be legally alone together. And the woman's fault is that she is the daughter of a criminal.

"She is Guilty when Others Confiscate Her Property... by Impersonating Her - And Her Greatest Sin is that Her Identity Stems From Her Guardian"

"The Saudi woman is guilty of being haunted by spinsterhood and not accepting misyar and all other types of male-invented marriages. She is also guilty if she accepts being abandoned by her husband when he feels tired and bored with her and wants a new wife. She is guilty if she objects to anything and her legal guardian beats her until he breaks her ribs or permanently disfigures her. His right is to beat her and make her obey and listen, even if that means deforming her physical features as a woman and taking away her beauty.

"She is guilty when others confiscate her property or real estate by impersonating her, and her greatest sin is that her identity stems from her guardian. The Saudi woman is always guilty and anyone who thinks of dealing with her humanely is a criminal."

Not once in this op-ed is Islam mention or how their religion is the reason their theocracy is thriving - worse, that it is Islam that epitomizes this mindset and that in the Hadith's, which outline the life of their Prophet Mohammed - it was his sick lifestyle that was the foundation of this mindset.

There is no humanity for Saudi women and that is because Islam is about dominance of all things woman. To control women they must demoralize them, intimidate them, and make them as the dogs in the street - otherwise the men could not justify this inhumane behavior. Suffice to say that it is the Koran and Hadith's that permits such treatment of women and demands of the men to enforce this treatment of women.

The Saudi women live behind the veil, literally.


For more on misyar, or pleasure, marriages, see MEMRI Inquiry and Analysis No. 291, "Pleasure Marriages in Sunni and Shi'ite Islam," August 31, 2006,

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Obama and his dangerous religion

trinity church of christ - obama

I would prefer that Obama were a Muslim rather than a member of the the overly racist Trinity United Church of Christ. At least then the general population would have some misgivings about his loyalty to the United States. But as a seemingly normal Christian, he will be viewed as quite safe by the the vast majority of clueless Americans.

Fortunately we are alerted to the dangers of this specific Christian denomination:

Faultline USA,
Obama’s Afro-Centric Church: A Non-Negotiable Commitment to Africa

Here are the words posted on Obama’s church web page: We are a congregation which is Unashamedly Black . . . We are an African people, and remain "true to our native land," the mother continent, the cradle of civilization. . .

I don’t know about you, but I want to elect a president who has a non-negotiable commitment to the United States – not to Africa.

Read the rest here.

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